Top 11 tips to look and feel better for the summer

I know, I know — who makes an article with 11 tips and not 10? Well, I had a hard enough time getting down to the top 11. I felt there was absolutely nothing else to cut.

Anyway, summer is around the corner, and chances are you aren?t looking or feeling your best. You want to get in shape, but like most you?ve put it off again and again since January. The following are some changes you can make that will not only improve your look in a hurry, but your health as well. Everything on this list is designed to optimize your metabolism and turn you into a fat burning machine.

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MSG, a toxin in our food supply that causes obesity.

Dr. John Olney discovered that feeding newborn rats MSG (monosodium glutamate) caused them to become grossly obese in 1969. Studies performed since then have shown that this occurs in most animal species.

The effects of MSG on our bodies are now well established, and scientists have actually found how it produces obesity. For decades scientists have know that when a certain part of the brain, the hypothalamus, is injured, the animal becomes grossly obese. Researchers have discovered the MSG damages the same area of the brain.

A review of MSG toxicity by the federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology concluded that infant formula contains enough MSG to produce the very same brain injury seen in animal experiments. It is the early exposure to MSG that researchers warn about. Humans are 5 times more susceptible to MSG toxicity than any lab animal. Infants are 4 times more sensitive than adults.

Recent research has shown that Glutamate, the toxic ingredient in MSG and other excitotoxins, stimulates insulin production. Insulin is the fat storage hormone in our bodies. Controlling ones insulin levels is essential to getting and staying lean. The higher ones insulin levels, the more the food one consumes will be stored as fat.

And if the above wasn’t enough to keep you away from MSG, this toxin is also what’s called a “fat partitioning agent”. Meaning it causes more glucose to be stored as fat. This prevents muscles from using it as fuel, in-turn causing fat accumulation.

The side effects of MSG consumption are detrimental to our health. And as research points out, infants and children are most susceptible. Add to this, the toxic effects of other substances like; fructose, hydrogenated oils and vegetable oils and you have a recipe for disaster. Before these products were forced on us over the past five decades the U.S. did not have the health problems we see today. Health Alert


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