5 Amazing Health Benefits of Fucoidan

Japan has one of the highest life expectancies in the world, and after years of trial and error, experts finally know the reason why. It’s the fucoidan, the unassuming brown seaweed found all up and down the Japanese coast. The locals eat it raw, infuse it with their tea and even turn it into supplements for maximum convenience, and as a result, they live longer and have much better health than their neighboring countries.

Are you ready to enjoy the amazing benefits of fucoidan? Here are just five of its incredible effects.

1: Strengthened Immune System

The antiviral properties of fucoidan can stop illnesses before they take root in the body. If you’re tired of catching colds and warding off the flu every winter, just one capsule of fucoidan a day will boost your immune system to the point where sniffles are a thing of the past. The best way to beat a virus is to win the battle before it begins!

2: Faster Weight Loss

Fucoidan works as a wrecking ball to fatty enzymes in the body, breaking them down into negligible bits while also clearing the way for healthier and more vital blood cells. Not only will you drop the pounds faster than you would with diet and exercise alone, but you’ll have more energy, too!

3: Sharper Focus

Any kind of brown seaweed will improve your memory and mood, but only fucoidan will give your entire cognitive system an upgrade, increasing your attention span and allowing you to focus for longer periods of time. You can go ahead and empty your cupboards of coffee. You won’t need caffeine when you have fucoidan!

4: Tumor Resistance

Fucoidan has been clinically proven to stop tumor growth in small mammals. It works by inhibiting the hyperplasia, or cell reproduction, of dangerous and cancerous invaders in the body. Some reports even credit fucoidan for killing the unwelcome cells entirely!

5: Stronger Organs

You don’t have to jump on a treadmill to improve your respiratory and cardiovascular health. Fucoidan supports the oxidation of blood cells, which in turn pumps the “good stuff” directly into your organs, strengthening your heart and cleansing your liver of impurities and fibrosis-causing pollutants.

These are just five benefits you’ll enjoy from regular intakes of fucoidan. If you’re looking for improved cognition, better immune support and all the cancer-fighting advantages you’d expect from an all-natural remedy, purchase something like Umi No Shizuku today!


A bacteria deficiency?

Whether you know it or not the body needs certain types of bacteria in order to maintain optimum health. Within our digestive tracks live all types of bacteria. There is a constant battle being waged in our intestines between “good” and “bad” bacteria. The “good” bacteria are called probiotics and fight bad bacteria like E. coli and other pathogenic types.

When our probiotics start to loose the battle in our intestines, one can develop a disorder called dysbiosis. This disorder has been linked to a number of problems including; indigestion, bloating, IBS irritable bowel syndrome, gas, diarrhea, lactose intolerance, bladder infections, skin rashes, colon and breast cancer. Is a probiotic deficiency common? The answer, yes. Many factors can cause a deficiency including; stress, antibiotics, poor diet, infections and aging. Many experts feel without supplementation it’s hard for the average person to have a sufficient amount of probiotics.

When probiotics are winning the battle they perform a number of functions. They are essential in the proper digestion and absorption of food. They keep our immune systems functioning properly – prevent food allergies – repair and maintain the GI tract lining – and suppress “bad” bacteria.

I have found the best product out there to be Theralac. Take 2 capsules per day for the first 2 weeks and once the GI tract has been colonized you can reduce the dose to 2 caps per week.A


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