Tips to prepare for a marathon

running at sunrise

OK let’s get down to it. There are basically good and bad practices when preparing for a marathon.

To successfully run and complete a marathon, here are things to avoid. Don’t eat the wrong food before you race, like a MacDonald’s for instance. Stay clear of anything new, your stomach needs to be in good working order. Eat the wrong food and you could get “runner trots”. Try to eat a healthy pre-race meal before you set off.

One of the biggest mistakes many runners make before running a marathon, is wearing something new. This is a no-no, especially when it comes to running shoes.

When it comes to running equipment, selecting the right shoes and socks, shorts and top is essential. Your shoes should be lightweight and provide the right support. Do a test run in your shoes, maybe in a ten mile run at marathon pace. This will determine whether you are likely to get blisters or sore feet. The bottom line is if the trainers bother you while out running, buy another pair.

Start training for a marathon at least a couple of months before the main race itself. Why not do a half marathon to test your fitness levels?

Dedication to training is one of the main factors in preparing for a marathon. Running a marathon is like dating someone, you have to show total commitment.

When training, it’s also crucial to limber up before a race. Body parts that need a little extra care and attention to make it through the 26.2 miles are armpits, ankles, inner thighs, nipples and breasts. You can use Vaseline or petroleum jelly to ease these parts.

Wearing comfortable clothing like cotton is perfect for running a marathon. It helps stop or prevent chafing by absorbing sweat.

To get yourself fully prepared to complete a marathon, mimic the course. Do runs which are going to be similar to the route of the race. When out running, always remember to drink plenty of fluids.

Four or five days before the event, run a dress rehearsal. This will help you to be strong, relaxed and confident when the big day arrives.


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