Battle heats up for home treadmill market


Bloomberg calls this battle the “treadmill wars” as companies like Peloton are trying to penetrate the growing market of home treadmills. Innovation is driving this market as all sorts of software are being developed to enhance the workout experience. Check out the linked article to see where this is all heading.


Treadmill distractions

One of the best things about working out on a treadmill are all the available distractions to help the workout go by faster. From watching SportsCenter on TV to listening to your playlists on your MP3 Player to even playing online bingo from, the possibilities are endless.

My favorite distraction, however, is watching TV episodes on my iPad. This is one of the hundreds of reasons that Apple is selling millions of iPads and about to report record sales again. The flexibility of this gadget is incredible. I start by downloading a great series like “The Wire” or “Sons of Anarchy” on iTunes and then transferring them to my iPad. “The Wire” went for five season of about 12 episodes each so there’s a lot of workouts you can get in. I usually spend an hour on the treadmill and that perfectly fits with one episode of these great shows. The hour just flies by and that’s a huge asset when you’re working out regularly.

It’s also something to look forward to. You start to equate the time on the treadmill with being able to watch your favorite TV show. Particularly in dramas where the stories continue week to week, you’re actually anxious to get back on the treadmill so you can see what happens next. There are also so many great shows to choose from. In terms of quality, the television shows on cable have surpassed the movies in terms of overall quality when it comes to dramas. Shows like “The Sopranos” and “Rome” were incredible achievements. If you haven’t watched them you should try them. You’ll get hooked.

Another great option is “24” as the action moves so fast that it actually makes you walk or run faster on the treadmill!

The key is finding stuff that will grab your interest. It’s important to develop a habit of working out, and connecting your workouts with a distraction that you enjoy can help develop that habit. Soon, your body will be craving the workout along with your head.


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