Socialized medicine not the answer

There is no doubt the health care system is in a state of crisis in the U.S.. Health care is no longer an important issue, it’s an urgent issue. Health care costs are spiraling out of control and because our government is not willing to do what’s right, there is no end in sight.

In my opinion, litigation reform would be a good starting point. Law suits have more to do with spiraling health care than any other reason. Next, would be getting the pharmaceutical companies out of the pockets of government officials. According to Pharmaceutical Research and Manufaturers of America (PhRMA) will spend 72.7 million to lobby at the federal level, mainly congress, our law makers. It will spend 4.9 million to lobby the FDA, the very organization that regulates pharmaceuticals. PhRMA also plans on spending close to 50 million to loby the state level. Are you starting to get the point. With the fox guarding the hen house is it any wonder our health care costs are out of control?

Yes it’s obvious we need to reform our health care system. But one thing we should never do is socialize medicine. if you are wondering if the U.S. should become a single payer system like Canada, which is the system many use as their argument for socialized medicine, watch this video.


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