Master your health

Do genetics control our bodies or can we control our genetics? Many scientists now believe genetics do not control life but are controlled by environmental factors such as our mental attitudes. This is a mind blowing, culture bending new way of thought that is starting to gain popularity.

“Mind over matter” is a well known saying that has merit. The power of the mind over the body has been shown time and time again. Science shows us everything is made of atoms and that atoms are energy. Therefore, everything is energy. It is no stretch to think that our positive mental energy created by a positive mental attitude would transfer to better health.


From victim to master, The New Biology

It is lifestyle choices that establish your level of health. it?s imperative that people realize it?s normal to be healthy; it?s NOT normal to be unhealthy. The public needs to understand that your genes do not predetermine your health; disease is not inevitable. The fact or to be more accurate dogma, that genes control life, has never been shown in science.

Our entire medical system is based on detection/treatment or allopathy not prevention. It?s a system that believes disease is normal and when it occurs we?ll treat it. Early screening like a mammogram doesn?t prevent anything. If a disease is detected, you already have it. A diet based on whole natural food is prevention; reducing ones stress levels is prevention; becoming a positive person and surrounding yourself by like people is prevention.

Epigenetic control or control over your genes is on the leading edge of science. The video provided outlines The New Biology, which will take you from predetermined victims to masters of good health. Our minds are above our genes and science is showing how we think directly effects gene expression.


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