10 things you should and shouldn’t do

The following is a list from an article on Bullz-eye.com. From begginners to advanced lifters and health enthusiasts, I think all will benefit from this article. Many people, no matter what their level never seek professional advice, and consequently continue to stall their progress with basic mistakes. Do your self a favor read the following, read the article and incorporate it into your fitness lifestyle.

1. You shouldn’t work your abs everyday.
2. You should keep a training Log.
3. You shouldn’t use the pull-down machine like a rowing machine.
4. You should keep your protein intake high.
5. You shouldn’t eat a diet high in carbohydrates.
6. You shouldn’t use your entire body to do curls.
7. You should warm up before every workout.
8. You should make recovery your #1 priority.
9. You shouldn’t scream while training in a gym.
10. You should visualize your goals.


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