Time to get out of the cave and head into the garden!

The evolution of the male’s diet has led us to a small selection of

testosterone approved vegetarian recipes.

We found a list of easy vegetarian food for even the most manly of appetites!

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The Conquistador

John Deere Sandwich

Smoking Barrel Burritos

4×4 Pizza


“Cut a rug” for health and happiness

Have you ever thought that dancing, along with putting a smile on your partner’s face, would benefit your health in many ways?

Tango, Salsa, Jitter Bug, Waltz and Polka your way to a better health and longevity.

Study shows that dancing might allay the effects of dementia and weight gain by improving circulation.

The study looked at almost 500 adults ages 75 and older, tracking their activities and incidence of dementia for five years.
It showed a surprisingly strong correlation between dancing and reduction in dementia — a whopping 76 percent


Everyone ‘s favorite new work out

The economy has affected everyone’s life in every aspect including working out.

Trends depend on many factors, said the survey’s lead author, Walt Thompson. Take Pilates, which dropped off the survey’s list from No. 9 last year. Thompson believes the economy made Pilates equipment and specialized instructors too expensive for clubs to maintain. He’s not sure if Pilates will make a return to the top 20, but he doesn’t expect a few of this year’s trends to stick around long.


Whey protein could affect erection capability

One of the most embarrassing health issues that men have to deal with is erectile dysfunction. Many men who are affected are hesitant to even discuss the issue with their doctors. While there are medications like Levitra to deal with the problem, there is a growing body of opinion that suggests that nutritional supplements like whey protein are effective in handling the condition. Because whey protein is a food and not a medication, it is relatively harmless and has few side effects.

Whey protein is a pure and natural protein made from cow?s milk. It is the liquid that is left over after milk has coagulated into cheese and contains all the soluble proteins in milk. It is, therefore, a rich collection of the amino acids that we require in our daily life. It comes in three forms:

-concentrate: contain low levels of fat and cholesterol but high levels of bio active chemicals.

-isolate: the protein is processed to remove fat and lactose but is slightly lower on bio active chemicals.

-Hydrolysates: these are partly predigested proteins that are easier to digest and less likely to cause allergies. These are also more expensive.

Whey protein has been found to have beneficial effects in a number of areas such as sports nutrition, weight management and the general well-being of the body. It has also been found to increase the blood circulation through all body muscles including the penis. Since erectile dysfunction is often caused by inadequate blood flow to the penis, whey protein can help. The penile erection is caused by increased blood flow that causes the arteries to expand. This in turn constricts the veins and restricts the blood flow out of the penis thus causing an erection. Anything that increases the blood flow is useful. Besides, the improvement in general well-being caused by the intake of whey protein also contributes to sexual health.

Whey protein is best used in conjunction with an exercise programme. Though it is a food and relatively harmless, don’t make the mistake of consuming too much. If you are in doubt, consult a specialist on a doctor, especially if you have any form of existing illness.


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