4 Gift Ideas for All Outdoor Enthusiasts

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Stuck on gift ideas for the outdoorsy person in your life? Don’t know where to begin looking? It can be daunting shopping for an avid outdoor activity fanatic; there are stacks of options in the marketplace. Before you resort to the reliable-but-boring gift card option, check out these suggestions for the perfect outdoor enthusiast gift.

1. Fishing Equipment

If your outdoor enthusiast is a fishing fan, good news. The avid fisherman can never have too many rods, reels and general fishing equipment. You can also find a range of fishing tackle to suit almost any gift budget. Firstly, you need to know what type of fishing they prefer – river, sea, lake, rock fishing or spearfishing. This simple information makes it easier for you to find a gift they will actually get use out of. Need some gifting inspiration? Click here to get some ideas from motackle.com.au; fishing specialists like this stock plenty of potential gifts for fishermen. Alternatively, grab a tackle pack for a beginner fisherman; it gives them all the basics in one handy kit.

2. GoPro

What outdoor enthusiast doesn’t enjoy sharing their latest outings with everyone? Purchasing a GoPro means you can stay warm and comfortable in bed while your friend is out scaling mountains or cycling before the sun comes up. These go-anywhere cameras record in high-definition and are suitable for a variety of outdoor uses. No longer just the gift of choice for extreme outdoors people, the GoPro is also great for analysing golf swings, batting and paddling techniques. Bonus points if you include a mount for their helmet, bike handle or surfboard!

3. Backpack

The outdoor enthusiast in your life needs a suitable backpack for overnighters, hiking trips, kayaking sojourns and just about any other outing you can imagine. There are three key things to keep in mind when choosing a backpack for someone else: material, size and use. Spending a little extra on Cordura or nylon fabric is definitely worthwhile, as is buying a pack with a decent suspension system. An adjustable suspension system ensures your outdoorsy friend can make the pack fit comfortably with their body. Visit your local camping store or research some outdoor blogs to find the most suitable style for your friend.

4. Camping Solar Lamp

A solar lamp is one of the handiest gifts an outdoor fan could receive. They can be used on camping trips, fishing trips or for hiking, and they provide enough light for reading and navigating. There are different styles and models available for whatever type of adventure, some waterproof and some fully submersible. Some models also offer additional functions like phone charging and speaker systems, making them ideal for camping trips. Check out outdoor or camping stores to find the model with the most bang for your buck. Your present will be the standout on your friend’s birthday or other special occasion.

When stuck for gift ideas, it can be easy to resort to novelty items or even useless outdoor-themed knickknacks. These suggestions are much more practical and worthy of spending your money on! What are some other gift ideas an outdoor person will treasure?


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