What to Look for in a Weight Loss Program

For a weight loss program to be successful long term, it must be customized to fit the individual. According to renowned personal trainer Angelo Sorrenti, who charges around $10,000 for a personalized diet, supplemental recommendations, and 30 training sessions, “There’s no such thing as a diet for everyone.” This may be the reason why 90 percent of the people that go on diets regain the weight, plus a few pounds, shortly after the program is over.

Sorrenti’s success is based on simple science. He states, “Your metabolism is different than mine; your needs are different. There are diets that can be good for 10 people but can harm 10 million people.” And it makes sense. Not just the metabolism part, but also because people have allergies, ailments, and other issues that dictate what they can and cannot eat. So a diet that calls for a boiled egg, grapefruit, and coffee for breakfast could be harmful for an individual with egg allergy and/or interstitial cystitis.

For this reason, Sorrenti, and other successful weight-loss experts, will not recommend a diet and exercise program until they have thoroughly analyzed your blood work, medical history, and current physical condition. Sorrenti states that once a client has been analyzed, he can then create an all-encompassing diet and exercise plan calibrated for the individual’s needs.

So when searching for a weight loss program, consider taking a personal, not a packaged, approach. Contact several trainers, weight-loss experts, and weight loss centers and interview them. The goal is to find a program that is made just for you in order to avoid a devastating failure shortly after the program is over.

To recap, make sure the weight loss center or expert:

·Requires a physical exam
·Evaluates your blood work and physical condition
·Asks about ailments or allergies
·Evaluates your metabolism
·Will work with you one on one to create a safe and effective weight loss program

Successful weight loss programs always include exercise. You may start out with light exercise while your body adjusts, then the exercise regimen will gradually increase as your weight and energy levels increase. A weight loss program that claims to help you lose weight without exercise is a program that should be avoided if you are interested in permanent weight loss.

If you want to seek out Mr. Sorrenti, we wish you all the luck, but if you have trouble signing with the most sought after trainer in New York City, don’t worry. There are literally thousands of trainers and weight loss centers and experts around the world. It really doesn’t matter how popular they are. If they take a custom approach to individual weight-loss and former clients have walked away (and stayed away) with good results, it’s worth giving it a try.


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