2009 Fattest cities in America

Miami, FLMen?s Fitness.com has ranked the top 10 fattest cities in America.

1.) Miami, FL
? Despite wide availability of local running and biking trails Miami residents are 35 percent less likely than average to jog or cycle.
? Ice cream shops are 141 percent more popular in Miami than average.
? Mayor Manuel A. Diaz participates in fewer fitness-related public events than most mayors.

2.) Oklahoma City, OK
? Oklahoma City residents received a bottom score in fruit and vegetable consumption, with only 17 percent eating the recommended five or more servings per day.
? Oklahoma City residents are 28 percent less likely to participate in fitness walking than average, the 2nd lowest overall participation rate among cities in our survey.
? Basketball courts are practically nonexistent here, among the fewest per capita in our survey. There’s just one court here for every 12,162 residents; the national average is one court per 6,909 people.

3.) San Antonio, TX
? Just 12 percent of San Antonio residents have a health club membership. That’s 31 percent less than average, and the 2nd lowest rate in our survey.
? Just 2 percent of San Antonio residents have a home gym. That’s 57 percent less than average, and the 2nd lowest rate in our survey.
? According to the CDC, 28 percent of residents in the San Antonio area are clinically obese.

4.) Las Vegas, NV
? Fast food, widely implicated as a contributor to obesity, is more common in Las Vegas than most places in our survey. In a per capita comparison there are 68 percent more fast-food joints here than average.
? Las Vegas has 106 percent more pizza places per capita than the average among cities in our survey.
? Las Vegas has 69 municipal parks, among the fewest of any city on a per capita basis, according to our exclusive survey of municipal park departments.

5.) New York, NY

? The local commute is much more oppressive than in most cities ? 54 percent more oppressive than average, leaving less time to exercise and prepare healthy meals.
? Our survey has found 87 percent fewer sporting-goods stores in New York than average an indicator of an inactive populace.
? New York has one pool for every 135,648 residents ? 207 percent fewer than average in our survey.


Weirdest Bodybuilder Video of All Time

MensFitness.com shares this video of what happens when you combine a bodybuilder, bikini and a Rubik?s cube.

Great body ? weird routine.


Exercising with a cold

You’ve got a runny nose, coughing, sneezing and it’s hard to breath. You want to workout, but will it make your symptoms worse?

Two studies were published over a decade ago that showed results that surprised researchers. The studies showed no difference in symptoms between those who exercised and those who didn?t. And there was no difference in the duration of the colds between the two groups. When symptoms were assessed, in some cases those who exercised said they felt better.

The result of these studies are in no way meant to encourage people to train when they’re sick. The studies tested subjects who had head colds. One needs to be more cautious when dealing with a cold or other illness that produces fevers or other symptoms like chest congestion.

The rule of thumb is: If you have symptoms above the neck it?s OK to workout. Below the neck, forget it.

Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise 1997
Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise 1998

Edit: In the third paragraph, the mistake “their” was changed to the correct “they’re”.


Did You Know?

In his latest edition of ?Did You Know??, Mike Furci tackles such topics as anabolic steroids and their link (or lack of a link) to dangerous side effects, muscle contracting while working out and low testosterone levels and whether or not they can be associated with heart disease, diabetes and decreased libido.

BLF?all the actual data and medical studies on healthy individuals (adults) show no conclusions that physiological replacement doses of testosterone or other anabolic steroids are dangerous or cause side effects that do not reverse with cessation?

Moreover, in males who maintain physiological high normal levels, there appears to be health-promoting benefits associated with steroids. All the evidence contradicts the anti-steroid media blitz that started in the 80?s and continues today.

Approximately 25 years ago, Dr. Bob Goldman took a ride on the media feeding frenzy train and wrote a book, ?Death in the Locker Room.? This book puts steroids in the same class with alcohol and other recreational drugs as far as the dangers of usage. Since its release and despite the enormous increase in their use and dosage, there has not been one death attributable to steroids. (Planet Muscle Aug/Sept 2008: 72)

(Read the entire article here.)


Nine Funny Fitness Ads

MensFitness.com ranks its nine favorite fitness ads:

6.) OxyGo Gym’s View From Above

OxyGo Gym Ad

2.) Powerhouse Gym’s Billboard Man

Powerhouse Gym's Billboard Man

1.) Weight Watcher’s Bacon Boomerang

Weight Watcher's Bacon Boomerang


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