Houseplants for indoor air pollution

The EPA says that indoor air pollution can be up to ten times as bad as what;s outside. There are many who claim having plants indoors can help. Plants do release oxygen and can help maintain moister levels. Plants are also said to help ones attitude, especially during the winter when we’re all cooped up.

NASA has shown that plants do enhance the air quality in a space craft, but does this translate to real “down to Earth” results. Proving that plants are efficient filters has been a real challenge, but the overwhelming evidence suggests that it can help. So what plants are the best at increasing the air quality in your house? Here is a list of 10 from

1. The Feston Rose plant
2. The Devil’s ivy
3. Phalaenopsis
4. The English ivy
5. The Parlor ivy
6. The African Violets
7. The Christmas Cactus
8. The Yellow Goodness
9. The Garlic vine
10. The Peace Lilly


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