Stepping up Your Game? Beware the Most Common Sports Injuries

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Both amateur and pro athletes know what it’s like to suffer from injuries related to their sports activities. Sometimes it’s an injury resulting from time on the field or on the court and other times it’s the result of training a bit too ambitiously. Athletes come from all over the country for Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) Injections Scottsdale AZ because, although a relatively new type of therapy, is found to be effective and a huge number of pro athletes swear by this treatment.

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How Orthotics Can Assist With the Prevention of Sports Injuries


Whether you’re a fitness fanatic or a sporadic sportsperson, injuries are probably the bane of your existence. Whether it’s shin splints, runner’s knee, Achilles tendonitis or something else entirely, these conditions often don’t just keep you away from the gym; they can also keep you away from enjoying life in general.

And, of course, treatment is never cheap. Between physio appointments and supportive braces or sleeves, you can find yourself shelling out a heap of dollars over a pretty short period of time.

Well, that’s the bad news. The good news? As the old saying goes, prevention is better than a cure, and there are a range of things you can do to help prevent these conditions including stretching and warming up properly and wearing quality footwear. You can also use orthotic inserts when you’re getting active – these can help you in a range of ways.

Make sure you check out a specialist provider like Footlogics when it comes to orthotics for shin splints relief or help with other sports injuries – that way you know you’re getting quality inserts that will actually do what you need them to!

So how do orthotics help? Let’s break it down!

Assist with pronation

Many big brands of footwear claim that certain models help with pronation (the way your foot rolls when it strikes the ground) but this is generally not the case. Orthotics are usually the best way to help correct any pronation issues. Pronation can be a big problem because when your foot rolls with each strike, it is often unstable or not aligned well, which then means other muscles, joints and ligaments have to step in (literally!) and compensate. This can cause pain throughout the entire body, from the foot right through to the knees, hips and back. Orthotics take care of the compensation and help correct the original problem, meaning your body can function at maximum capacity again.

Provide cushioning for biomechanical support

Orthotics developed by professionals won’t just be a cushy surface – they’ll have correct arch support, a deep heel cup and an in-built metatarsal raise, all of which provide a solid base for correct biomechanical function. This means you can expect a high level of shock absorption and correct tracking of your knees, so you can help prevent injuries like runner’s knee – winning!

Help with optimising stride

Runners in particular will know the advantages of optimising their stride. Ensuring your foot strikes at just the right angle and just the right place can help prevent a plethora of conditions. By aiding in general comfort and support, orthotics can make sure you aren’t short-striding or over-striding in an unconscious attempt to avoid pressure points or sore spots on your foot. That means you can be more biomechanically efficient, which translates to more than just injury prevention – you can literally enhance your performance.

While they certainly aren’t a magic solution to all your sports injuries, a good set of orthotics that are right for your feet can certainly have a positive impact on your body.

Are you a fan of orthotics? How have they helped you stay active?


Power and defense still matter in the NFL

Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers (L) is tackled by New York Giants Michael Boley (C) and Corey Webster (R) in the third quarter during their NFL NFC Divisional playoff football game in Green Bay, Wisconsin, January 15, 2012. REUTERS/Darren Hauck (UNITED STATES – Tags: SPORT FOOTBALL)

This has been the year of the quarterback and the passing game in the NFL. Speed and precision were the sexy characteristics this season as the NFL altered the rules to take away some of the more physical aspects of the game that were causing serious sports injuries like concussions. Drew Brees was setting records, while Aaron Rodgers was drawing comparisons to Joe Montana.

Yet this weekend seemed to be a reminder that power and defense still matter as the Giants upset the Packers in Green Bay and the 49ers stopped the pass-happy Saints. Everyone seemed to be questioning the old NFL axiom that defense wins championships, but now we have a reminder that even with the new rules power and defense are very important.

That should please all our readers out there who love getting to the gym and pumping iron. Football has always beena bout strength. The Giants put on a display like they did in 2007 as they put a pounding on Rodgers and the Packer offense. Then they also hit them with their power running game.

The only pass-happy team still in the hunt is New England, so perhaps the speed and precision people will get the last laugh. Yet you have to look at how the Patriots play, with two huge tight ends in their passing game. Strength and power are still important ingredients to their success.

It will be a great weekend of football as we hash out who will face off in the Super Bowl. You can check this website for online betting sites as you get ready for all the fun this weekend. Hopefully you can host a great party or make it out to Las Vegas. After a bitter offseason, the NFL has provided some great entertainment for us all this season.


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