Ways to Become a Healthier Individual

woman doing pushups

Ever look at that last slice of cake and think you could be doing so much better for yourself? Now is the time to start changing your lifestyle and become a healthier person. It’s hard and you won’t enjoy the changes at first, but in the long run you will feel better about yourself and enjoy life so much more. Follow these steps to begin your path to better health.

Watch What You Eat

You might hear it all the time, but eating well really is the most important part of becoming a healthier person. Get rid of the junk food at home; as long as it’s there, it’s a temptation. That means anything sugary, fatty or salty. Replace it with fresh and dried fruits and nuts. Start cooking meals in bulk because it’s easier to stick to your diet if your meals are already prepared. Nutrition is incredibly important to becoming healthy. It isn’t necessarily about eating less though; it’s eating better that makes all the difference.

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Jen Selter interview

Workout queen Jen Selter is known for her amazing butt, and here she’s with the editors of Cosmo talking about her butt workouts. You’ll have to fast forward through other stuff to get to Jen but she shows off some of her classic moves and great tips.

Becoming A Paralegal

lawyer in law library

A college paralegal program is ideal for those who want to work with attorneys while staying out of the limelight of the court room. You can find a job in almost any kind of attorney’s office with this kind of certificate or degree. Most colleges offer a short program so that you can get a certificate, or you can get a two-year degree that gives more information about the various laws in that state. Another option is to get a four-year degree. While this isn’t required for most offices, it can put you in a better light as you would have four years of education about the legal system instead of only two.

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5 Tips to Pick the Correct Bike for your Fitness Goals


While the decision to buy a bicycle isn’t even close to level of commitment as buying a house or getting married, it still warrants a bit of thought before diving in. If you’ve never considered getting a bike before, especially if your focus is on fitness, then it can seem like each new piece of information leads to further questions. But don’t get discouraged! Here’s a few tips to point you in the right direction.

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Top Food Plans for Weight Loss


Weight loss is never easy, especially when there is so much information out there. The hardest part is that every single person is different. Some food plans will work for some people, but not for others. So what do you do then? Below are some broad-spectrum food plans that are a good starting point in finding what program may work best for your own weight loss.

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