6 Tips for More Energy


Busier schedules, longer days and seemingly never ending to-do lists? If this sounds like you and you’re constantly running on empty, there are steps you can take to boost your energy reserves. Here are six ways you can help avoid running out of energy during the day.

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Staying active with outdoor fun


If you aren’t going to participate in activities like biking or tennis that can get you into shape, at least find some toys that get you outside and moving around. Whether it’s a jetski or a kayak, something that gets you moving offers a much better hobby than sitting around and watching video games.

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4 Simple Ways to Warm-Up before a Workout

pretty women doing pilates

The research is in, and warming up is important. It reduces the chances of injury, increases blood flow to muscles for better performance and increases nerve impulse speed, among many other benefits. But what’s the best way to warm-up before you work out? Many experts suggest that activity-specific warm-ups are the way to go – so if you’re about to go for a run, some lunges and deficit calf raises might be good to activate the hip flexors and stretch out the calf muscles. While it’s great to tailor your warm-up to your workout, it’s also good to have some general ideas to use, especially if you are going to use a variety of muscles and joints. Here are four simple ways you can warm-up before your next workout!

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The Strongest Sports Across the Globe

Here are some great, and unique, sports around the world that test your strength courtesy of HART Sport. Are there any you would try? Let’s see just how strong you are . . . .

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How to set (and achieve) your summer fitness goals

woman in yoga pose

So you want to get fit for the summer? You’re going to need two things – to set goals and to stick to them. It sounds simple when you say it like that doesn’t it? The truth is that your fitness plan can be surprisingly simple provided it is properly planned out and is fully focussed.

So, how do set your fitness goals and stick to them? Here’s some help…

Setting goals
*Be specific: ‘Lose weight’ and ‘get fitter’ are not proper goals. You need to be targeted. How much weight do you want to lose? Set weekly and monthly goals as well as a longer-term target – bearing in mind that one or two pounds a week is a healthy and sustainable rate to lose weight.

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