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The holidays are here, and soon you’ll be having that hangover we get to the new year. Everyone wants to get into shape, so we thought we would share this photo from the lovely Jen Selter to give you some motivation before we hit the new year!

6 Tips for More Energy


Busier schedules, longer days and seemingly never ending to-do lists? If this sounds like you and you’re constantly running on empty, there are steps you can take to boost your energy reserves. Here are six ways you can help avoid running out of energy during the day.

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4 Simple Ways to Warm-Up before a Workout

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The research is in, and warming up is important. It reduces the chances of injury, increases blood flow to muscles for better performance and increases nerve impulse speed, among many other benefits. But what’s the best way to warm-up before you work out? Many experts suggest that activity-specific warm-ups are the way to go – so if you’re about to go for a run, some lunges and deficit calf raises might be good to activate the hip flexors and stretch out the calf muscles. While it’s great to tailor your warm-up to your workout, it’s also good to have some general ideas to use, especially if you are going to use a variety of muscles and joints. Here are four simple ways you can warm-up before your next workout!

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Winter Cycling: How to Avoid Hypothermia on Two Wheels

Cycling is a fantastic form of exercise, no matter what level of fitness you are currently at. The trouble is most people think of it as a fair weather sport. They assume that with the cold, wet and windy conditions prevalent during the winter months, riding on a bike is going to be a deeply unpleasant experience. And they would probably be correct because without the right clothing, winter cycling really isn’t much fun!

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How to Stay Hygienic at the Gym


Gyms and fitness centres can house many germs that can make you sick. People sweat all over the equipment and most do not wipe it clean, or do not clean it properly after use. The best measures to take to ensure your facility is as hygienic is possible is to take a proactive approach. Here are some tips to help you to ensure your hygienic safety while at the fitness centre.

Wipe Equipment Before and After Use

Fitness centres are hot places with sweaty people touching everything. You can never be sure that other members are doing the right thing and wiping down the equipment after every use unless you see them. Be proactive and wipe down your machines before and after you use them. Take extra steps to know that you are doing your part in keeping the environment and yourself as germ-free as possible. Wiping equipment also includes you! Wash your hands immediately after you finish your fitness session and wash all your gear when you get home.

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