6 Elixirs To Shrink Belly Fat

While there is no magic bullet to shrink your belly fat, choosing the right beverage is a step in the right direction.

Avoiding added sugars and including ingredients like pineapple, loaded with bromelain which aids in digestion and reduces inflammation, as well as coconut oil, avocado, green tea, and dark chocolate, you can increase your belly busting odds.

Read more for the drinks that help you stay slim.

Bottled water – Do you know what you’re drinking?

Where is the bottled water you’re drinking come from?

Has it been tested for contaminants, and has it been purified?

Has it purified?

The Environmental Working Group (EWG) decided to find the answers to the above basic questions. According to the EWG, nine out of the top ten best-selling brands of bottled water fail to provide answers to all three. Only one of the 173 bottled water products surveyed, Nestlé’s Pure Life Purified Water, discloses this information right on the label, and provides information for requesting a water quality test report. 18 percent of bottled waters do not tell you where their water comes from, and 32 percent do not disclose anything about the treatment or the purity of the water.

In all, only three bottled water products received a good rating for transparency from the EWG:
*Nestlé’s Pure Life Purified Water
*Gerber Pure Purified Water
*Penta Ultra-Purified Water

Why are these companies so secretive about the water their selling? Could it be the ridiculous price they charge for what many brands of bottled water amount to, tap water?

To see the full report go HERE.

Raw milk is your right

As many of you know, there is a war against the sale and consumption of raw milk. The government, along with big business, has taken away your basic constitutional right to choose what you want to consume, by claiming it’s in the interest of public safety. However, is raw milk a danger to the public?

According to research conducted by Ted Beals, MD, and published in the 2011 issue of Wise Traditions, you’re more likely to get injured driving to the farm to pick up your raw milk than becoming ill drinking it.

From the perspective of a national public health professional looking at an estimated total of 48 million foodborne illnesses each year [from all foods]… there is no rational justification to focus national attention on raw milk, which may be associated with an average of 42 illnesses maximum among the more than nine million people (about 0.0005 percent) who have chosen to drink milk in its fresh unprocessed form.

A runners journal part 1

Jamey Codding is scheduled to run his first marathon in Chicago on October 9th. Jamey was a competitive runner in the past, but mainly ran 5K’s or under. He began running again after a long break and has had to educate himself on in-race hydration and nutrition. If you’re interested in running at all, and want to start off on the right foot, you’ll definitely want to read the first part of his series, Training for Marathon #1: Hydration and Nutrition.

Dark roast coffee show’s it’s healthy side

A study published in Molecular Nutrition & Food Research, was performed in order to show whether a dark roast coffee beverage had stronger antioxidant effects on humans than a light roast.

“Intake of the dark roast CB most effectively improved the antioxidant status of erythrocytes: superoxide dismutase and glutathione peroxidase activity decreased by 5.8 and 15%, respectively, whereas tocopherol and total glutathione concentrations increased by 41 and 14%, respectively. Furthermore, administration of the NMP-rich CB led to a significant body weight reduction in pre-obese subjects, whereas the CGA-rich CB did not.”

In other words, dark roast coffee is more effective than light roast coffee in reducing body weight, and in restoring red blood cell vitamin E and glutathione concentrations in healthy volunteers.

Many researchers say glutathione is probably the most important substance we require to stay healthy. Many go as far to say it’s the secret to prevent aging. Present in every cell of our body, glutathione levels just might be one of the best biochemical markers there is; the higher your glutathione levels are the healthier you will be. Glutathione deficiency is found in almost all patients with extreme illnesses, e.g., cancer, heart disease, Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s, arthritis, liver disease, diabetes and more. The anti-aging secret

Can coffee help with sugar addiction?

The reason why you get addicted to any food, but particularly sugar, is because your brain has opioid receptors (heroin is an opioid). Interestingly, sugar binds to the same addictive receptors as cocaine and other addictive drugs. These opioid receptors are part of a primitive reward system that helps you detect, select and enjoy eating fresh foods over rancid ones.

Today, however, we live in a world where we are surrounded, not only by food in general, but by processed foods that are typically loaded with sugar. Unfortunately, this has led to a saturation of our opioid receptors, and we’ve become addicted to foods that are extremely harmful.

Now, there are compounds called opioid receptor antagonists. That means once they occupy the receptors, they prohibit you from being addicted to something else. And coffee is an opioid receptor antagonist. Caffeine can bind to your opioid receptors and may diminish the addictive impact of another substance like sugar.

“If you are addicted to sugar, for instance, and you really want to train your body gradually get rid of this addiction, using coffee would be a viable way to help yourself achieve this. Train yourself to drink black coffee. Drink it sugarless on an empty stomach and you will see how, gradually, the cravings will dissipate…”
Ori Hofmekler

So, all in all, it appears coffee may have some valuable redeeming benefits, particularly to boost the benefits of your morning workout, as long as you get high quality organic coffee, ground your own beans to make sure it’s fresh, and avoid adding sugar.

Ori Hofmekler, author of The Warrior Diet, The Anti-Estrogenic Diet, Maximum Muscle Minimum Fat, and the upcoming book Unlocking the Muscle Gene is an expert on how to improve your health with foods.
Mercola.com video transcript

XYIENCE and UFC Announce Ultimate Access Sweepstakes

XYIENCE and the UFC recently launched an exciting promotion, Ultimate Access Sweepstakes where MMA fans have a chance to experience the UFC Fan Expo in Toronto as a VIP –including attending the fight with Jon Jones.

The Ultimate Access Sweepstakes gives mixed martial arts (MMA) fans the chance to receive VIP treatment at the UFC Fan Expo, being held at the Direct Energy Centre in Toronto, April 29 – 30, 2011. One lucky winner and a guest will receive round trip airfare and hotel accommodations and VIP passes for the UFC Fan Expo.

If that isn’t enough, the Ultimate Access Sweepstakes winner will receive VIP access to the UFC weigh-in on Friday, April 29, as well as tickets to attend UFC® 129: ST-PIERRE vs. SHIELDS at Rogers Centre on Saturday, April 30 as a guest of UFC light heavyweight Jon “Bones” Jones. After the fight, Jones and XYIENCE spokesmodels Amber Nichole and Amanda Corey will escort the winner to the official UFC 129 after party hosted by XYIENCE.

Fans can enter at http://www.ufc.com/xyience-ufc129, and the contest runs through Thursday, Mar. 11, 2011. There is no purchase necessary and the Ultimate Access Sweepstakes, which is open to legal residents of the United States (excluding residents of Alaska, Florida, Hawaii, New York and Rhode Island) who are at least 18 years old at the time of entry. The winner will be selected at random.

“We’re making history at this event –it’s the first UFC Fan Expo in Canada, and there are going to be more UFC fighters at this event than any other, so if you’re a fan, you have to enter. I’m going to make sure that the winner gets the red carpet treatment in Toronto, including hanging out with me and the XYIENCE models at the fight,” Jones, the newest addition to XYIENCE’s team of UFC fighters, said. “It’s the fans that drive fighters to train and fight hard, so when we get to spend time getting to know fans, it’s a lot of fun. Thanks to the UFC and XYIENCE for making this happen.”

Coconut: Craze or Credible!

The Chicago Tribune has done some research on the Coconut Craze.

Liz Applegate, director of sports nutrition at the University of California-Davis, thinks coconut water is fine to drink for hydration ? if you like the taste.

Applegate takes issue with some of the health endorsements including weight loss and heart health claims.

It would be nice to see this kind of scrutiny given to all nutritional claims made by big business:

Most of these sites that promote and sell coconut oil originate from coconut-producing countries, including India, Indonesia and the Philippines.

Instead of research studies, you’ll find articles written by coconut oil advocates ? including Mary Enig, vice president of the Weston A. Price Foundation, a controversial organization that is critical of “traditional diets” and extols the benefits of saturated fat.

Xyience offers a chance to win a UFC weekend

XYIENCE, maker of Xenergy, the official energy drink of the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), announces that one lucky winner of its new Las Vegas/UFC Weekend Experience Sweepstakes will have a chance to spend the weekend in Las Vegas, attend a UFC fight and to train at XYIENCE team athlete Wanderlei Silva?s state-of-the-art mixed martial arts (MMA) training facility, Wand Fight Team. The sweepstakes, which kicks off on May 1 and runs through August 31, 2010 is being held in conjunction with up to 40,000 of XYIENCE?s independent retailers across the United States (excluding Ark., Fla., Miss, N.C., N.Y., R.I. and S.C.) The grand prize also includes airfare, hotel accommodations and two tickets to a UFC event. Entries can be submitted at www.xyience.com/promo. No purchase necessary to enter, though winners must be legal residents of the United States and at least 18 years old with valid proof of age. Winners will be selected at random and announced in mid September.

XYIENCE will also award 10 second-place prize packages that will include a video game console and a 2010 edition of an MMA video game. Thirty third-place winners receive gift cards redeemable for a future UFC pay-per-view event.

Obesity tax on your freedom!

The state of New York is considering imposing an ?obesity tax? on its citizens or anyone who visits. The obesity tax would place an 18% sales tax on non-diet soda and other sweetened beverages with less than 70% fruit juice. Of course Governor Patterson is for it because it will generate an estimated 400 million dollars. State Health Commissioner Richard Daines made a You Tube video explaining why he thinks it?s a good idea. He points out obesity rates and shows a comparison of milk and soda consumption.

I personally think this is BS. It?s another example of big brother coming down on Joe Citizen and imposing their will. The state of New York is tying to take away a freedom of choice under the disguise they are concerned about our health. What?s next: The type of car you drive; the type of meat you eat; what kind of clothes you can buy? Government has no business making everyday decisions for us by taxation. These are legal products and this is a free nation. Don?t Tread on Me!

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