Stepping up Your Game? Beware the Most Common Sports Injuries

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Both amateur and pro athletes know what it’s like to suffer from injuries related to their sports activities. Sometimes it’s an injury resulting from time on the field or on the court and other times it’s the result of training a bit too ambitiously. Athletes come from all over the country for Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) Injections Scottsdale AZ because, although a relatively new type of therapy, is found to be effective and a huge number of pro athletes swear by this treatment.

However, what kinds of injuries can benefit from PRP injections? If you are trying to step up your game, it is a good idea to beware the most common sports injuries. It would be better not to be injured but in the event you are, it is great to know that there are treatments like PRP that don’t entail heavy duty narcotics. The most common sports injuries to beware of are as follows:
Injuries to the Ankle

Two types of ankle injuries have kept athletes out of the game for extended periods of time. Of the two, sprained ankles are more common but often the ankle bone is broken which makes for an extended period on the bench. Both are extremely painful and both can be severe enough to take that player out of the game forever, although rare. If the break is severe enough, surgical reconstruction of the bone is required and that is one of the leading causes of retiring a player.

Pulled Groins

Although not usually serious enough to retire a player forever, pulled groins are nothing to laugh about. These can be extremely painful and they can take a very long time to heal enough to get back into the game without an inordinate amount of pain.

Injuries to the Knee

Sometimes knee caps get broken but much more common is an ACL tear. An injury to the Anterior Cruciate Ligament, ACL, can require surgery to repair and this is a common injury in players of high impact, high demand sports such as football, basketball, hockey and soccer. An ACL tear, medially called Patellofemoral syndrome, is often caused by repetitive motion of the kneecap that wears against the thigh bone. It is an extremely painful injury and since it happens over time, it is a lengthy process to heal. This is one of the common injuries for which PRP therapy is prescribed and athletes who have undergone the treatment say they found a great deal of relief.

Also common among athletes are tennis elbow, hamstring strains and shin splints. While each of these can heal of their own accord over time, tennis elbow may benefit most from PRP therapy. The player’s own blood is drawn, and key components are injected into the site where the injury has been suffered. By using substances from your own body, growth factors in the plasma, which are known to stimulate healthy cells, the injury can quickly begin to heal as healthy normal cells are formed. Even so, it is by far better to avoid injuries than to treat them, so beware the most common injuries players suffer.


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