Health Trends for 2015

pretty woman doing yoga

We’re learning as we go. The health industry is constantly testing, evaluating, and espousing new techniques and trends which you can try for a happier, healthier you. Here are a few trends which are set to gain momentum in 2015.

Health Retreats

Fact: life is stressful. With everything going on, personal health and well-being can often slip down the list of priorities until it drops right off the bottom. That’s where a health and wellness retreat like Chi Of Life can help out. By placing yourself in a retreat, you get the benefits of immersing yourself in an environment that places emphasis on taking care of yourself. A health retreat could be the key to achieving overall holistic wellness this year.

Sayonara Sugar

Refined sugar has always been seen as bad. It is empty carbs which spike your energy and rot your teeth, but sucrose – plain old table sugar – is just one type of sugar out there. There’s glucose and fructose and lactose which can sneak in with healthy foods like grains, fruit, and dairy. In 2015, even more “natural” sources of sugar like those found in highly-refined fruit juices and breads will be exposed for what they are and you can expect to see the their popularity decrease. In their place, expect calorically-neutral, but still sweet, natural sweeteners like stevia and Monk fruit.


Part dance. Part ancient Indian calisthenics. Part gymnastics. Part circus routine. Acroyoga, fresh out of California, is one of the hottest workout trends to hit the scene. It combines the more meditative parts of traditional yoga with the more active sports like gymnastics. It’s designed to be done with a partner and a spotter, who’ll help you attain the positions and keep you safe. Thai massage is also thrown into the mix, as a post-workout cool-down. Acroyoga is a more vigorous, active version of traditional yoga, and as such promise improve energy burning, and working out more of your body, as well as improved balance and concentration.

Good carbs, bad carbs

Carbohydrates have been getting a bad rap. The past few years saw the rise of extreme low-carbohydrate diets, like the ketogenic diet, but this interest in low-carb food has also driven dietitians to look more closely at the carbs themselves. And like sugar (which is itself a carb), the trend is to cut out bad carbs and replace them with the good ones. Replacing refined, modern grains and grain products with more traditional, unrefined grains like quinoa and amaranth is part of the superfoods trend which is continuing to peak. Clear fruit juices will make way for cloudier juices and smoothies, which include more of the nutritious pulp, skin, and seeds of the fruit to offset the fructose in the pure juice. Again, it’s all about getting back closer to nature – how the food is found in the wild.

Personal Fitness Tracking

It started out as simple pedometers which counted steps taken, back in the dark ages of the pre-smart phone days. Then, as smartphones advanced to incorporate things like GPS tracking and gyroscopic sensors, apps appeared which allowed more accurate tracking with greater, more immediate feedback. Now, with the rise of wearable smartwatches which link with your smartphone, activity tracking is becoming even more pervasive and discreet. Simpler wrist-worn devices are being released by major phone manufacturers, which will allow you to track your activity even without holding your phone. These promise a more accurate, holistic picture of your activity, and not just when you’re working out.

There you have it. A few trends in the fitness world which are looking to hit their zenith in 2015 – but the world of health and wellbeing is constantly changing and expanding, and there’s sure to be a few more before the year is out.


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