Adrian Peterson is back from ACL tear

Image source: Minnesota Vikings Facebook page

Adrian Peterson is a beast. Just look at the photo above where he’s rehabbing and trying to come back from his torn ACL from last season. He’s also one of the wild cards out there that make it very hard to pick games in the early part of the NFL season. Imagine all the research betters do as they look for more sports betting as the NFL kicks off, but research can’t tell you everything. We knew Peterson was a freak of nature, but we had no idea he could come back so quickly as he scored two touchdowns in week one.

Fantasy football owners were left guessing as well. Peterson fell pretty far in some drafts, yet he defied the odds and was back in week one. Every indication is that he had a brutal rehab and workout schedule to get him back on the field. Now he’s claiming that he’s back to 95% of his ability and that he’s the still the best running back in the NFL.

We’ll see of he can back that one up. He’s accomplished so much and he’s already impressed NFL experts and fans alike. The key now is to see how the knee holds up through a long NFL season. It’s a brutal sport and sometimes all of the work and preparation can amount to nothing if you get hit in the wrong spot.

But Peterson’s story should be an inspiration to other athletes and regular Joes who suffer an injury like a torn ACL. You can come back. The key is focusing and putting in the work with a good trainer.


Prilosec with Larry the Cable Guy

When I look at Larry, I immediately think “heart burn” so he seems like the perfect guy to talk about this. Look up on that BBQ!


Spider Venom for Erectile Dysfunction?

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Whoever thought that spider venom could could be the answer for erectile dysfunction, however, emergency room visits in Brazil with victims of spider bites displaying priapism, or unrelenting and painful erections, got doctors thinking.

Some research has led to the isolation of an alternative way to help men attain and sustain an erection.

Viagra, Levitra and other ED drugs on the market work by inhibiting an enzyme called PDE5. To get an erection, a man’s body must release nitric oxide, which relaxes the smooth muscle around the arteries of the penis, allowing for his blood vessels to dilate.

The nitric oxide is a first step in a series of chemical reactions that allow this muscle relaxation to take place. One step in the series is cGMP, a signaling molecule that acts to keep the muscles relaxed. PDE5 degrades cGMP. That’s a good thing for ensuring that erections don’t last forever, but too much PDE5 can mean an erection doesn’t happen at all. By blocking the enzyme, PDE5 inhibitors solve the problem.

The spider toxin works differently. Instead of affecting PDE5, the compound seems to trigger nitric oxide release, acting directly to relax the smooth muscles. Because about 30 percent of patients don’t respond to PDE5 inhibitors, the toxin could provide an alternative to ED treatments currently on the market, Nunes said.


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