FiveFingers running shoes

One of the most interesting developments over recent years regarding fitness gear has to be the FiveFingers line of running shoes from the Italian company Vibram. They are basically gloves for your feet and are a part of a movement turning running dogma on its head.

Here’s a summary from Forbes:

Here’s something you need to know about: Could we be seeing the beginning of the end of the modern running shoe? A growing legion of runners and recreational joggers—I am one—backed by a rising number of physiologists, believe that running shoes do more harm than good for millions of people. With their inflexibility, cushioning, and raised heels, they almost force you to crash down on your heel and send the impact of all your weight in every step straight into your knees and hips. That’s not how our bodies were designed to work, and it does terrible harm.

These shoes are not for everyone. You really need to consult your doctor and see whether this new style of running and new gear makes sense for you.


Intense workouts with Georges St-Pierre

The switch grip explosive pull up demonstrated in this video is just one aspect of an intense training regimen from MMA superstar Georges St-Pierre.

Workouts come and go, but with the emergence of mixed martial arts we’re seeing a whole generation of guys getting motivated to get into shape like these fighters. The result is a lean but sculpted look that is all the rage and is definitely popular with women of all ages. Guys want this look, but the key is you have to be willing to follow an intense work out program like the ones used by MMA fighter like St-Pierre.

We also discuss the need to do something and how to find a workout routine that fits your goals. This program should be considered by people who are motivated to test themselves and push themselves to the limit. If you’re serious, you should get results.


Classic celebrity workouts

Here’s a cool clip of Jessica Biel, Ryan Reynolds and Dominic Purcell getting in shape for “Blade Trinity.” They discuss some of the strategies they used to lose fat, gain muscle, get ripped abs and learn martial arts. They all stress diet along with the workouts.

When you think about starting a workout routine, you should use every motivational tool that comes to mind. Many people want to look good. Of course health is an issue, but our vanity can also be a great motivator, and watching attractive celebrities can certainly push your buttons. Look at Jessica Biel in this video – she’s amazing!

Of course celebrities take it to the next level by using plastic surgery procedures to look better as well. Some consider this cheating, and it needs to be done correctly to help, but it’s all a part of the package. For celebrities, the idea of a nose job is not a big deal, while others need to consider the cost of nose jobs and other procedures. For those on this video we don’t even know if they’ve had anything done. In the end it’s your decision after you research Rhinoplasty cost and other options.

Regardless of which options you pursue, the important thing is that you get off your rear and do something. Watch Jessica and other hotties and let that be your inspiration.


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