Losing Those Last Five Pounds!

We’ve all struggled with it!

Diet, execise, weight loss, plateau and frustration!

Those last five pounds are so hard to lose but for good reason.

Read the full article in SELF online for the reasons and some encouragemant to keep you going until you reach your goals!

The closer you are to your goal weight, the slower the weight tends to come off. Although this is frustrating, think of it as coming in for a soft landing.

If you’re losing weight very quickly, chances are good that the pounds will come right back on the minute you stop dieting.

By losing those last few pounds gradually, you’re actually making a gradual transition into your maintenance phase.

If it takes you six months to lose that last three pounds, you’ve got a much better chance of stabilizing at your goal weight–because you’ll have six more months of controlled eating habits under your belt.


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