Spring-Clean Your Diet

Men’s Fitness.com helps you get the crap that has been accumulating in your fridge since winter.

Things to Trash:

High-calorie dips, spreads, and condiments
Bye-bye, nacho cheese sauce, French onion chip dip, blue cheese dressing, and mayo. In their place, swap a couple of varieties of salsa, vinaigrette dressings, and mustards, and other low-carb steak, barbecue, and cocktail sauces that are free of added sweetners.

Fruit-on-the-bottom yogurt
It’s typically more sugar than anything else. Instead, stick with sugar-free, plain variety (mix in your own fresh fruit and nuts for flavor), or Greek, which is loaded with extra protein.

Extra Beer
Sure, you need one . . . maybe two . . . some nights. But unless you’re having a party, only chill a couple at a time. If the beer isn’t there, available and cold, you’ll be much less likely to overdo it on a nightly basis.

Things to Stock up On:

Lean proteins like chicken or turkey breast, fresh fish, and red meat
Buy in bulk at a wholesale grocery, split the family-size packages into smaller bags or containers, and freeze smaller servings to save money.

Lots and lots of produce
Strive to eat things with one ingredient, the food itself. Broccoli. Spinach. Apples. Get it? Buy precut veggies to save time on prep. But only buy what you can eat one week at a time. Otherwise, the excess is bound to go to waste.

A giant water pitcher
Get yourself a good water filter and keep it topped off at all times to prevent you from using those wasteful plastic bottles. Every time you pour a glass, top off the filter so you have cold water at arm’s reach when you’re thirsty.

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