Ways to dress up oatmeal

OatmealIf you research the benefits of oatmeal, you?ll find that its health benefits range from lowering your blood cholesterol to helping you reduce the risk of heart disease when you combine it with a low-fat diet. Simply put, oatmeal is one of the healthiest carbohydrates that you can consume regardless of whether you?re trying to bulk up or drop weight.

But anyone who eats oatmeal on a daily basis (and I?m not talking about the crap you find that?s already pre-loaded with preservatives and sugars) knows that it can be boring as hell. The taste can be bland and therefore you could wind up punting it out of your diet and replacing it with an unhealthy cereal.

Raisins seem to be the go-to when oatmeal is involved, but there are alternatives. Personally, I like to eat steel cut oatmeal, which already has a nuttier taste than regular rolled oats. (Although fair warning ? steel cut oatmeal takes longer to cook.) With my steel cut oatmeal, I also like to mix in a serving of all natural peanut butter for a good dose of protein and fat, as well as a sprinkling of cinnamon for taste. I?ve also seen some people mix cinnamon and Splenda together for even more taste, but I state away from sweeteners as much as I can because they can be a trigger for migraines.

If the peanut butter and cinnamon aren?t enough for you, mix in a scoop of your favorite protein powder. It may sound strange but trust me ? depending on what flavor protein powder you use it can be very tasty. I?ve also heard people mixing in applesauce to help improve the taste of oatmeal, but for those that want to add size, going with a serving of peanut butter and/or protein is more beneficial. I’ve been known to cut up a banana and mix in it, as well.


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