Exercise is not bad for the joints.

Exercise is beneficial for overall physical health and psychological well-being. However, there is a perception that exercise is potentially harmful to joints, in particular those of the lower extremities.

There is no good evidence supporting a harmful effect of regular exercise on normal joints, according to a review of studies.

Researchers reviewed existing studies on the relationship between regular exercise and osteoarthritis (OA) and concluded that in the absence of existing joint injury there is no increased risk of OA from exercise.
(Eurekalert.com 1/27/09)

Avoid staph infections

Men?s Fitness.com writes that staph infections are becoming alarmingly common. Use the guide below to avoid getting staph infections when spending time at the gym or pool.

Post-workout showers rock, but as great as they feel on beaten-down muscles, they could have you leaving the locker room with more than a spring in your step. The culprit? Staphylococcus, or staph, is a family of more than 30 different types of bacteria that’s easily transmissible ? especially in warm, overly populated areas like locker rooms. It may already be present in up to 25% to 30% of the population, according to the Department of Health and Human Services. (You may have heard renewed staph talk a few months ago when infections hit the NBA.)

In most cases, the presence of staph on the skin causes relatively few problems. But if you get a cut or damage your flesh in some way, and the bacteria enter your bloodstream, it can cause a wealth of problems ? some of which can turn fatal. Here’s how to protect yourself:

Good personal hygiene is the first step in protecting yourself and staying ahead of a staph infection. Shower daily, wearing flip-flops when in a public location, and wash your hands regularly, especially after leaving the bathroom.

Many people carry staph bacteria without realizing it. When it comes to things like towels and razors, it’s always best to use your own since these things act as vehicles for bacteria.

Keep all wounds clean and properly covered. This will cut down your risk of infection and prevent infected areas from spreading farther.

Check out MensHealth.com to find out more.

Men using Botox?

I have to admit I was pretty surprised when I read these numbers.

Botox is now being used by men, some of whom did not even run for President. The number of men in the U.S. who paid to get a series of tiny injections in their face nearly tripled from 2001 to 2007–to 300,000, or about 7% of the total Botoxed population. And despite the recession, those numbers aren’t going down yet; one of the many things the laid-off cannot afford is to look their age.

Men usually get Botox to remove those two vertical lines between their eyebrows that make them look angry and confused and thus, one could argue, masculine. They also use the product to smooth out the horizontal creases in their foreheads, though, unlike women, they don’t tend to worry about crow’s feet. Men do, however, fret a lot more about the pain. “They get so jacked up worrying that it will hurt,” says Botox enthusiast and nine-time Olympic gold medalist Mark Spitz. “Maybe that’s why women have babies and we don’t.”

When 1970s Olympic heroes–and mustachioed ones at that–get work done, it would seem to mark social acceptability among guys. Spitz, though, is a spokesman for Allergan, the company that makes Botox and has started to market directly to men via its website. Sure, Spitz first considered getting the world’s most common cosmetic procedure after a friend, former Olympic gymnast Nadia Comaneci, told him that the wrinkles between his eyes made him look old and overly serious, but he got a whole lot more interested when Allergan started paying him.

Everyone is obsessed with looking younger, so we shouldn’t be surprised by this.

Your guide to healthy Chinese food

Eating Chinese food can also be interpreted as a ?healthy choice.? But as MensFitness.com pointed out, Chinese dishes can be loaded with sodium, fat and calories.

Below is MF?s guide to eating healthier at Chinese restaurants.

Chinese food may be tasty, but more often than not it’s an ab-killer. We asked Jim White, R.D., a Virginia-based dietician, to help us make some smarter choices.

Anything steamed is obviously good, as is Jum (poached), Chu (broiled), Kow (roasted), Shu (barbecued), lightly stir-fried, dry stir-fried, or braised. Anything breaded, fried, or coated in flour is not.

Chopsticks are your friend. “You’re going to get less oil than you would with a fork,” adds White.

Steer clear of thick gravy or sauces made from sugar, flour, or cornstarch (such as those found on General Tso’s or Sweet and Sour Pork). They’re loaded with corn syrup. Instead, White suggests hot mustard sauce, hoisin sauce, or oyster sauce. And no matter what, always make your order “half sauce.” That way, you get half the sauce?and half the calories?of what they’d normally use in the dish.

Here’s an inside tip: Order your meal cooked in vegetable stock (a traditional Chinese style of cooking called “stock velveted”) to reduce the calories in your dish by 150-300 and the fat by 15-30 grams. “Expect your protein to be a bit more moist and tender, with less crunch than usual,” says White.

A serving of crispy noodles can set you back as much as 200 calories and 14 grams of fat, and Lo Mein is even worse. That dark brown color in the noodles? It comes from soaking up all that oil. A large portion generally runs in the thousands of calories.

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Penis size, does it really matter?

Concerned whether you measure up? Most guys are and many experts say seeing these super-sized guys in porn and how the women react to them has a lot to do with it. The vast majority of men are not as endowed as our monster dong brothers doing porn movies. So how do we know what the average size of a man?s wedding tackle is? And who and how is it measured?

Believe it or not, obtaining accurate schlong measurements is no easy matter according to researchers. But, if there is anybody who needs to be accurate about penis size, it?s condom companies. ?It?s absolutely important that we have the best information to make the best fitting condom,? said Carol Carrozza, Lifestyle Condom Company vise president of marketing. Company representatives said they performed the largest and most accurate measure of penis size ever.

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Stretch for Muscle

Are you typically a hardgainer or have you hit a plateau in the gym? Maybe stretching your muscles more is your answer to making gains again in the gym.

MensFitness.com lays out six ways to stretch for more muscle:

Chest. Grab a pair of dumbbells that you can perform 12-15 reps with on a dumbbell bench press, and get into the bottom position of the exercise (your hands near the outside of your chest).

Back. Hang from a chinup bar in the bottom position of a pullup, palms facing away from you.
Biceps. Set an incline bench to a 45-60-degree angle and sit on it with a dumbbell in each hand. Allow your arms to hang.

Triceps. Hold the end of a towel with one hand and grab the other end behind your back. Pull down with the hand behind your back so that your opposite elbow points upward and that arm’s triceps is stretched. You should look like you’re in position to do a one-arm overhead triceps extension.

Quads. Rest one foot on a bench set to a low incline, and bend the opposite knee so that you go into a split squat position. You should feel the stretch in your rear thigh and that leg’s hip.

Hamstrings. Rest one heel on a bench, step, or other surface that’s three or four feet off the floor. Bend forward and try to kiss your knee.

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Interview with “no holds barred” powerlifter Dave Tate.

Recently Dave Tate spoke with Testosterone Muscle. A native of Findlay, Ohio, he is a world class powerlifter and businessman. Dave is well known for speaking his mind, not only on powerlifting, but on a wide variety of subjects.

Fuck Moderation

I have two speeds: blast and dust.

It’s just a personality trait. I’ve talked with a lot of entrepreneurs, top CEOs, business people, and athletes that operate in the same mode. You’re 100 percent on for weeks or months, just knocking everything out until nothing is left standing. And then, boom, you’re on the couch for three weeks. Training and business have been that way for me. Fuck moderation. I don’t have time for it.

If I have some Oreos, I’m going to eat the entire bag. I’m not going to have two or three. If I’m going to launch a business, I’m going to do it all the way. If I’m going to train my ass off, then I’m going to do it hardcore. I would rather have no cheat meal for 12 weeks and then eat like a fucking hog for a month, than just have a cookie here and there. I’m going to run on all cylinders and then just disappear.

What I’ve managed to figure out is that I can stagger the roles in my life. So if training is going to be in 100 percent blast, then I know business is going to be in dust. If business is going to be in blast, training is going to fall back in dust. That’s just the way it is.

Dave Tate Interview

Ways to dress up oatmeal

OatmealIf you research the benefits of oatmeal, you?ll find that its health benefits range from lowering your blood cholesterol to helping you reduce the risk of heart disease when you combine it with a low-fat diet. Simply put, oatmeal is one of the healthiest carbohydrates that you can consume regardless of whether you?re trying to bulk up or drop weight.

But anyone who eats oatmeal on a daily basis (and I?m not talking about the crap you find that?s already pre-loaded with preservatives and sugars) knows that it can be boring as hell. The taste can be bland and therefore you could wind up punting it out of your diet and replacing it with an unhealthy cereal.

Raisins seem to be the go-to when oatmeal is involved, but there are alternatives. Personally, I like to eat steel cut oatmeal, which already has a nuttier taste than regular rolled oats. (Although fair warning ? steel cut oatmeal takes longer to cook.) With my steel cut oatmeal, I also like to mix in a serving of all natural peanut butter for a good dose of protein and fat, as well as a sprinkling of cinnamon for taste. I?ve also seen some people mix cinnamon and Splenda together for even more taste, but I state away from sweeteners as much as I can because they can be a trigger for migraines.

If the peanut butter and cinnamon aren?t enough for you, mix in a scoop of your favorite protein powder. It may sound strange but trust me ? depending on what flavor protein powder you use it can be very tasty. I?ve also heard people mixing in applesauce to help improve the taste of oatmeal, but for those that want to add size, going with a serving of peanut butter and/or protein is more beneficial. I’ve been known to cut up a banana and mix in it, as well.

Meditation for beginners

Men?s Fitness.com outlines three ways to meditate, which can help elevate stress and make you feel more positive throughout the day.

Our world’s a pretty crazy place lately. Instead of letting all the negativity and frustration of daily life get you down, experts say, you should set aside time to reflect. But daydreaming while you fast-forward through commercials doesn’t count. We’re talking quality reflection ? the kind you get from meditation.

You don’t have to sit cross-legged in a mass of pillows, either. “Even if you’re just looking for a little boost in your mood, meditation can help you do it,” says Bruce Frantzis, author of The Chi Revolution: Harness the Healing Power of Your Life Force. His suggestions on how to get started:

Try to physically center yourself, taking long, slow, deep breaths and inhaling as much air as you can. “Breathe deep from your belly,” says Frantzis, “and relax your nerves while you do it.”

Concentrate on how your body
is feeling, and wherever you sense tightness, try to alleviate it. “Relaxing your belly will automatically relax your brain,” he says. This is when those pesky daily stresses start to disappear, and your perspective will naturally start to change.

According to Frantzis, there are things that make people feel alive and things that make people feel dead. A “dead” example is any form of anxiety, while emotions like “love” and “hope” make you feel alive.

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Interview with trainer to the pros, Ed Downs.

Ed developed the patented Downs Disc Fitness System, a training and exercise system. It is used and endorsed by professional athletes, the University of Miami basketball team, high schools around the country, rehab centers, pregnant women, and thousands of people with weight, type 2 diabetes and respiratory problems. Without corporate funding, Ed realizing his dream through self-financing (by asking clients to pay him in advance), taking out a second mortgage and the sweat equity of 14-hour days.

Here’s an excerpt from the interview:

BE: You?re actually training the natural form and function of how the body works.

ED: How the body works. How the body works my man. I love talking to somebody that understands what I?m talking about. Because sometimes it sounds so technical but it?s not really that technical.

BE: That?s kind of what attracted?you know when Stephanie gave me the e-mails and I started looking into your stuff, that?s what really attracted to me to your style of training. And there are some other coaches out there, not the same obviously but they have similar?they?re trying to accomplish the same goal. You?re taking, which actually in the lab is a fairly complex subject, and you?re making it very simple. You?re just doing what the body does.

ED: What it does. I mean, thank you. When we walk, you take your right foot forward and your left arm goes out. We don?t walk with your right foot forward and your right arm going at the same time; you would look goofy as hell. So we want to work in patterns of our natural movement. So I don?t care if I?m working with a lady or a man. A lady carrying a baby and getting ready to put it in her car seat; she?s kind of awkward when she?s reaching and bending down and they wonder why they twist their back. So I?ve got to be able to train their bodies to be able to move in unexpected movement, right?

Read the rest of the interview, HERE.

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