Health and Fitness Q&A 7/31 fitness editor Mike Furci discusses the dreaded “man boobs” and the importance of tempo in your workouts in his latest edition of “Health and Fitness Q&A.”


Common ingredients that add major calories to your meals

SteakMen’s posted an interesting article about common ingredients in meals that surprisingly come jammed-packed with calories.

Yes, it’s heart healthy, but also high in calories. Sautéed vegetables only need to be misted with oil—not swimming in it. Buy an empty spray bottle and fill it with olive oil. Then spray your food and the pan lightly before cooking.

Switch to artificial sweeteners; some of them can even be used for baking. If you can’t stand the aftertaste, try combining two different sweeteners—this blending helps impart more sweetness and less artificial taste, says Stokes.

No substitute can emulate the taste of a steak, but if you’re making a meal like chili or tacos, swap some of the ground beef for less fatty soy crumbles or tofu, suggests Stokes. Not a fan of soy? Try mixing ground beef with black beans, diced cherries, or any other fresh vegetable or fruit.

Not even our expert would touch the fat-free stuff, but Stokes does recommend switching to a reduced-fat version. “It adds flavor, melts well, and retains the normal properties of cheese,” he says. Cabot light cheddar, for one, tastes almost identical to the full-fat stuff.

Oil is an interesting note. We all hear about how Olive Oil is great for you, but over-doing it obviously has its disadvantages.


Supplements may be illegal in Canada

So you want to take Vitamin C, how about if it was illegal to take that vitamin C, what if it was so illegal that you could be thrown in jail for up to 2 years and fined up to $5,000,000! Sounds like fiction doesn’t it?

Well it’s about to become reality in Canada. The Canadian Government is trying to pass a bill known as Bill C51. This bill has already passed its second reading and it is flying under the radar, it is very close to becoming law and some powers that be DON’T WANT YOU TO KNOW! This bill would give entire control of supplements over to drug companies by only allowing MDs to “Prescribe” them as they see fit. Of course we know here in this country the government controls the doctors and the pharmaceutical companies tell the government what laws they want inorder to make more profit. What this means is that if you want to take a multivitamin or some Omega-3, you have to book an appointment with your doctor, go in and try to convince your doctor that you are in need of these supplements. If you doctor doesn’t approve or better yet decides a certain drug would be better off for you then you unfortunately won’t have access to your supplements anymore.

The entire natural supplement industry will collapse if this bill passes. Thousands of jobs will be lost and even more stress will be placed on an already crumbing over-stressed national health care system. Imagine waiting over a month to get in to see your MD just to request if you can take some oregano oil for a cold that has now come and past, only to have your request denied anyway.

MDs who are NOT trained in the use of herbs and supplements will have full control over what you can and CANNOT TAKE. To summarize:

– No More Supplement Stores!

– Supplements are made illegal unless obtained through a prescription and 70% of all current supplements on the market will be removed!

– Prices for obtainable supplements will be higher than they are currently due to the monopolization, and being made into prescriptions!

– Restrict research and development of safe natural alternatives in favor of high risk drugs!

– Punish Canadians with little or no opportunity for protection or recourse for simply speaking about or giving a natural product without the approval of government!

– Fines of up to $5,000,000.00 and/or seek 2 years in jail per incident of being caught breaking any of these newly implemented laws. This includes USING OR SELLING SUPPLEMENTS WITHOUT GOVERNMENT APPROVAL!


No More Vitamin C, No More Omega-3, No More Oregano Oil, No More Natural Multivitamins, No more natural sleep aids, NO MORE HERBS, VITAMINS, MINERALS. No more choice in what YOU want to do for YOUR HEALTH!



Did You Know…7/16/2008

In his latest edition of Did You Know… Fitness Editor Mike Furci tackles the history of the American Vegetarian Society, ways to make your calves grow and whether or not testosterone levels are a significant risk factor for cardiovascular disease.


Q&A with Mike Furci: Weight Training vs. Cardio

In his latest Q&A session, Fitness Editor Mike Furci discusses high protein diets, weight training vs. cardio, and chest workouts.

Q: Mike,
I just finished reading your article on Fitness Myth Busters. Although I agree with pretty much everything you said I do have a couple of comments on some things you wrote.

1. “Screw cardio!”

Are you serious? I think it’s a known AND proven fact that a good mix of cardio and weight training will provide a better fat loss program than just weight or cardio training alone. ESPECIALLY if we consider HIT cardio training.

A: It is true, HIT cardio (I assume you’re referring to interval training) is the best way to go if you’re going to put the time in. However, sorry to inform you, it is not a “proven fact” that a mix of cardio and weight training is the best way to go. Show me the evidence of long term success. There is NONE. Visit any gym and you’ll see what I mean. The majority of people who perform cardio regularly don’t make permanent gains. Cardio is vastly overrated as a means of losing body fat. In fact, if a person who is overweight embarks on a cardio program and doesn’t change their eating habits, they are doomed to failure. Adding muscle is the key, combined with a diet lower in refined foods, especially carbs.


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