Baked Potatoes vs. Sweet Potatoes

How do baked potatoes stack up against their brothers, the sweet potatoes? Cooking pits them head to head.?

6 oz. Baked: 189
6 oz. Sweet: 214

Fat Grams
6 oz. Baked: .17 grams
6 oz. Sweet: .19 grams

6 oz. Baked: 4.2 grams
6 oz. Sweet: 7.1 grams

As the article notes, while baked potatoes have less calories and fat grams, sweet potatoes have almost three grams more of fiber and have more beta carotene, which helps build immunity and strengthen bones. Both are loaded with vitamins, but it’s important to eat the skin (especially with a baked potato) because that’s where most of the vitamins are stored.

While either baked or sweet potatoes are healthier than bread, try to reach for the sweet the next time you’re at the grocery store.


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