Diabetes and Stroke Risk

Individuals diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes are at double the risk of having a stroke compared to those without diabetes, according to new research from the University of Alberta. It was found that the risk of a stroke is considered high within the first five years of treatment for Type 2 diabetes and more than doubles the rate of occurrence.

Research that recently appeared in the American Heart Association’s Stroke journal used 12,272 subjects in a Type 2 diabetes cohort.? All subjects were recently diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes and had a mean age of 64 years. After five years of monitoring, stroke incidence rates were compared between the cohort and the general population.

It is more common to study stroke prevalence within 10 years after diagnosis, this is the first study to specifically examine stroke-related outcomes immediately after the diagnosis of and initiation of treatment for Type 2 diabetes.? Researchers found that 9.1% of the diabetes cohort had a stroke within the first five years of their diagnosis,” Dr. Thomas Jeerakathil, an assistant professor in neurology, at the University of Alberta. “We also found that compared to persons from the general population of a similar age, the relative risk for stroke was much greater in younger persons with diabetes than for older persons.

Researchers hope their findings dispel the notion that the risk of stroke occurs only after the long term and will motivate both the patients and health care providersnto aggressively control risk factors after diagnosis.

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Vaccines, for your health?

Even though most scientists have attributed the dramatic fall of infectious diseases to widespread vaccination, that’s just not the case. Overwhelming evidence shows that improved nutrition and public health measures, such as clean water and efficient sewage systems, are the biggest reasons for the sudden decline in many infectious diseases.The evidence is starting to show that vaccinations are not providing the protection they promise.

Even worse, the vaccines themselves may be causing serious problems including altered brain development, seizures, autism and changes in the brain that can lead to Alzheimer’s disease. This includes the popular flu vaccines that millions of people are frightened into taking each year.

Did You know you can boost your natural immunity through a healthy diet, exercise and daily supplements.I advise a daily consumption of 10000iu’s of vitamin A, 2000iu of?D-3, 25mg – 100mg of CoQ10,?2 – 4tbs of virgin coconut oil,?and a minimum of 5000mg of Omega 3 from fish.? Cut out all hydrogenated oils, fructose and polyunsaturated oils ?




Make fruit interesting

By now, everyone knows the benefits of fruit, with vitamins; minerals and fiber are all reasons to down the colorful stuff daily. But even if we already know why fruit helps, are we eating enough of it daily in order to cash in on all the benefits? The daily recommendation is to eat at least two cups of fruit daily, but some people may be tired of just grabbing a piece of fruit from the bowl and need a shake up.

For you, here are 10 different and interesting ways to add fruit to your diet by MSN.com

? Grilled fruit slices.
? Peach honey spread.
? Lemon-lime fruit dip.
? Frozen fruity pops.
? Romaine and fresh strawberry salad.
? Blueberry-banana smoothie.
? Plum salsa.
? Broiled fruit kebabs.
? Berries a la mode.
? Mango salsa pizza.

To read the entire article along with the complete recipes, click here.


Shake it up, Part II

Just over a month ago I gave out a recipe for a healthy smoothie/shake that was packed with protein and good carbs to keep the hunger pangs away. Well, I’ve got another shake recipe – this one a little more out of the box – I drink on a regular basis that’s full of the same good carbs, but even more protein.

Once again, feel free to change the serving size as you wish:

– Blend three ice cubes
– 1 Banana
– 1 Cup of dried oatmeal
– 2 Tbsp. of peanut butter (lowest sugar content you can find)
– A dash of cinnamon
– A scoop of either chocolate or vanilla protein powder
– 1 Cup skim/low fat milk

Calories: 645
Protein: 46
Carbs: 76
Total Fat: 20 (mostly from the peanut butter)

Don’t put too much cinnamon in it or else it will taste a little bitter. You’ll mostly taste the banana and protein powder, which in my opinion at least, is damn good.


Workout without the weights

Common knowledge tells us that if we want to pack on muscle, weights – and therefore a gym for most of us – are necessary to accomplish our goals. However, using weights doesn’t need to be the end-all-be-all to get in shape.

Here’s an article by Men’s Health.com that shows you five ways to get stronger without lifting weights. In the article, you’ll find ways to add stress to your muscles doing the simplest of movements, develop better balance, and incorporate multiple muscle groups while doing exercises like lunges, sit ups and pushups.

I’m not encouraging anyone to ditch your weight lifting routine for this workout, instead incorporate this into your regular regime as a way to maximize your gains.


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