Fight the quit

So, I’m a few chapters into this book by Richard J. Machowicz called “Unleash the Warrior Within” and I stumble on something he refers to as “Verbal Command Request”.

Machowicz is a former SEAL member and the creator of Bukido, which is a training system designed to get over fears or obstacles that stand in the way of accomplishing what your really want in life. I’m always looking for books or articles that help me stay focused in life, and this one seems decent.??

Anyway, Machowicz refers to VCR as ‘a command you use on yourself or another that is structured in a specific way to elicit a known result’. Basically, a short phrase that you use to help you focus, relax or possibly build adrenaline.

I thought it was a little corny, but I’m at the gym yesterday busting out some dead lifts and my mind starts to quit. I’m fatiguing and I’m thinking of just moving on to something else. Just then, a phrase (maybe from a movie?) pops into my head: “Can’t quit, won’t quit”. Suddenly, my focus came back, I was rejuvenated and I finished out the rest of the set. I kept repeating the phrase throughout my workout and ended up having a great day at the gym. It’s like the phrase wouldn’t allow me to shut it down without finishing what I came to do.?

I thought I would share this, because we all battle mental demons on a daily basis. Our bodies are capable of so much if our minds are right. And you never know what will get you through a tough workout, a hard day at work or any other obstacle. So try the VCR method, you might be surprised. I know I was.??


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