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So, I’m a few chapters into this book by Richard J. Machowicz called “Unleash the Warrior Within” and I stumble on something he refers to as “Verbal Command Request”.

Machowicz is a former SEAL member and the creator of Bukido, which is a training system designed to get over fears or obstacles that stand in the way of accomplishing what your really want in life. I’m always looking for books or articles that help me stay focused in life, and this one seems decent.??

Anyway, Machowicz refers to VCR as ‘a command you use on yourself or another that is structured in a specific way to elicit a known result’. Basically, a short phrase that you use to help you focus, relax or possibly build adrenaline.

I thought it was a little corny, but I’m at the gym yesterday busting out some dead lifts and my mind starts to quit. I’m fatiguing and I’m thinking of just moving on to something else. Just then, a phrase (maybe from a movie?) pops into my head: “Can’t quit, won’t quit”. Suddenly, my focus came back, I was rejuvenated and I finished out the rest of the set. I kept repeating the phrase throughout my workout and ended up having a great day at the gym. It’s like the phrase wouldn’t allow me to shut it down without finishing what I came to do.?

I thought I would share this, because we all battle mental demons on a daily basis. Our bodies are capable of so much if our minds are right. And you never know what will get you through a tough workout, a hard day at work or any other obstacle. So try the VCR method, you might be surprised. I know I was.??

A new Diet Coke? WTF!

As unbelievabl as it sounds, Coca Cola plans on launching a new version of diet coke in the spring of 2007.? It will be fortified with vitamins and minerals.? According to a article, this will be the first nutrient enhanced carbonated soda to be offered by a major brand.

This “enhanced” version of diet coke is undoubtedly due to Diet Coke’s lagging sales.? With all the energy drinks, teas, etc. out there, diet coke has nowhere to go but down.

Green tea health claims unsubstantiated.

Green tea has had a great run in popularity over the last 5 years because of it’s health benefits.? Many people have forgone coffee for this supposed “healthy” drink.? Well, in 2005 a Japanese company that bills itself, the worlds largest green tea company, and it’s American subsidiary, petitioned the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).? They were in quest of making the claim that five ounces of green tea per day may reduce the risk of heart disease.

The FDA rviewed 105 articles and other literature submitted as part of the petition but found no evidence to support the beverages health claims.?

?”FDA concludes there is no credible evidence to support qualified health claims for green tea or green tea extract and a reduction of a number of risk factors associated with CVD” or cardiovascular disease, Barbara O. Schneeman, director of the agency’s Office of Nutritional Products, Labeling and Dietary Supplements, wrote in a letter denying the petition. The FDA posted the letter to its Web site Tuesday.

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“Act as though it were impossible to fail.”

Winston Churchill

50 ways to spice up chicken

Any bodybuilder or person that is looking to get?into shape and stay healthy knows that chicken is one of the leanest?foods on the market. Chicken should be a staple in anybody’s diet that is looking to pack on muscle and stay lean. Another great thing about chicken is that it’s cheaper than steak or pork – especially frozen and in bulk – so it’s usually the meal of choice come most dinner times.

The problem is that chicken can also be boring as hell, especially if you’re eating it two or three times throughout the day to feed your growing muscles. Without having to drop too much more coin at the grocery store, here is an article from Men’s that offers different ways to jazz up the protein-packed bird: 50 ways to Feed Your Muscles.

Marathons and heart attacks?

Many physicians, including those whose study was published in the journal Circulation, believe there is such a thing as too much exercise.? 60 Boston Marathon participants were screned before the 2004 and 2005 races.? They showed normal cardiac function.

The same subjects were tested again after the races. 60% of them had elevated troponin levels.? Troponin is a marker in the blood used to help diagnose a heart attack, and to detect mild to severe heart injury.? Troponin tests are ordered primarily for people who have chest pain to see if there is damage to the heart.? 40% of the participants who had elevated trponin levels had levels at or above the decision limit for acute myocardial necrosis.? Meaning, some heart tissue, as in a heart attack, possibly died.??

Conclusion: DON’T OVERDO IT.? Extreme endurance events are associated with cardiac dysfunction in several studies, especially for those with less training.

Should body builders skip supplements?

There was an interesting article published online at American about whether or not bodybuilders should?skip supplements in 2007.

The basic idea behind the article was to dispel any rumors that bodybuilders absolutely need to take supplements. They don’t. Like the article details, you can still gain muscle with proper diet and exercise without ever touching a supplement. However, using supplements can in fact, do as they say, and “supplement” your diet.

The supplement quandary is along the same lines of when people try to go to the far ends of the earth to find the perfect workout?routine or diet. If you have the money, the basic supplements can offer a great boost to your overall workout gains. Just don’t get caught up in all the hype of having to have the “latest and greatest”.

The American Chronicle article highlights the five basic supplements that bodybuilders should consider if they want to maximize their workout gains:

1) Whey Protein?

2) Creatine?

3) Glutamine?

4) High-Potency Multivitamin?

5) Essential Fatty Acids?

To see the full article, click here.?

Don’t let common workout myths detour your main goal

On a whole, we all have it within ourselves to want to be healthy, be fit and look our best. However, it’s easy to get sidetracked by bad advice or information overload. The most common problem some of us face is that we think we have to find a magical workout regime or a diet that’s tailor made for us.

The truth of the matter is that any workout that continuously challenges are body and mind will work. Don’t get hung up on what specific exercises will work best for you, because then it’s easier to lose focus. Just pick out a regime from a magazine or online article or talk to someone that you trust that has had success in the gym to build you a plan. Knowing the fundamentals in the gym, changing up your workout every four to six weeks and of course having a proper diet will get you on the right track. And keep you there.??

For more workout myths and facts, including whether or not muscle will turn into fat, sweating means you’re losing weight and if working out when you’re injured actually is beneficial, check out this article from

Can spicy food help you lose weight? posted a recent article on the top 15 foods that can help you shred pounds. Some of the usual suspects that you would find on a list like this were chicken, turkey and lean meats. Salmon and tuna also make an appearance, which is expected given how omega-3 fatty acids should be a staple to any diet geared to lose weight.

Interestingly, jalapeno, habanero and cayenne peppers also made the list. Not only were they noted, but ranked second after milk, whole grains and oatmeal. According to the article, a ‘single spicy meal can boost your metabolism by up to 25 percent, with the spike in calorie burning lasting for up to three hours after you finish eating.’ The general idea behind eating spicy food for weight loss is to speed up your heart, which burns calories.

To read the entire article, click here.


“The dictionary is the only place where success comes before work.”

Vince Lombardi

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