Deadly Melanoma is Curable. Early Detection is Key

Most skin diseases are easy to treat if caught early, according to Josh Berlin, a dermatologist in Boynton Beach Florida.? However, they cannot all be seen.

Melanomas form from melanocytes, which are cells that produce pigment.? Not all melanocytes are on the surface.? Melanomas, fatal skin cancers, can attach themselves to areas such as the eyes, mouth, scalp, esophagus, underneath nails, and even in ones anus or urinary tract.

To help protect you from deadly melanomas, use the following tips:

Prevention: Sun screen, sun glasses, hats and regular visits to the dermatologist.

Self Inspection: Keep a close eye on your own moles and freckles.? Look for anything that’s new, grows rapidly, develops jagged edges, is asymmetrical and has different shades of color.

Be Aware: Cancers can form in unlikely places. (Between toes, between fingers, scalp)

Live healthy. Eat right, exercise, avoid processed foods, consume anti oxidants. Health Alerts Nov. 2, 2006


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