Have your cake and eat it too. So to speak.

In the USA we’ve gotten progressively heavier each year since 1964 with a sharp increase in the early 80’s. This is when our consumption of carbohydrates (sugars) started to rise dramatically. Fructose (a simple sugar) was also starting to be used more frequently in fat free foods. As our sugar consumption has increased each year, our waistlines have gotten bigger. And they continue to get bigger. As a nation we are the heaviest we’ve ever been. And obesity among our children is reaching epidemic proportions.

Our being fat as a nation is almost entirely due to excessive carbohydrate consumption. Foods are not created equal. They are metabolized, assimilated, utilized and stored in different ways. Carbohydrates are a good fuel source for the body, but It is important to understand that they are a nonessential nutrient. Meaning we do not have to ingest them to live and be healthy. On the contrary, carbs in the quantities Americans eat them can and will lead to a very unhealthy existence.

The problem with reducing carbs is that most people crave them like a drug. Being Italian I was raised on pasta, and to this day can’t get enough. The problem is, I like being lean. So pasta was banished to the every once in a while list. About ten years ago Met-Rx came out with a low carb high protein pasta that was awsome. It was the answer to my prayers. I was getting the pasta, sauce and quality meat that I loved while still eating a fairly low carb meal. Then the unthinkable…Met-Rx was bought out and discontinued their food products. By the way, they had the best low carb pancakes.

I was at a lose. I begrudgingly went back to eating pasta every once in a while. Then, after trying several low carb varieties of pasta that sucked, I found Dreamfields Pasta on the internet. It’s like a God send for pasta lovers like me. It tastes great and has an extremely low glycemic index of 13 which is what helps control insulin levels.

Insulin is the fat storage hormone. The higher your insulin levels are, the more body fat youre going to store. This is why not only lowering your carbs, but eating the right type, helps you cut body fat.

Give this stuff a try and le me know what you think.


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